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The time to act is now. In fact, we should have acted a long time ago. We need your help!

The aim of this site is to provide a platform to gather information on farm attacks, not only ones that have already taken place but also ones that are being planned.
This is an issue that touches every one of us regardless of race, the government seems to rather want to ignore the fact that these attacks happen on a daily basis.
Most of us feel completely helpless, we would all like to do something but what?
We aim to establish a fund funded by you the citizens of South Africa to try and do something about this.

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Thermal Imaging products by Seek

Whether it's an air leak, electrical short, or missing insulation, your Seek Thermal camera will help you to find the problem.

Also, remember that 100% of the profit made on any product sales goes directly towards the StopSA - Stop Farm Attacks Initiative and not into the pockets of corporate South Africa

See the Unseen!

Both the videos below were shot on the same stretch of road, we know they are not perfectly lined up but you will get the idea of what the unseen looks like. Seek Thermal - See the unseen (Video on the left we fitted a Samsung J6 with a Seek Compact Pro, Video on the right was shot with the standard J6 onboard camera)

Join our Zello Channel

Who can join:

  • Farmers / Yes small farms (Plots) do qualify
  • First Responders
  • Security Providers
  • If you would like to contribute by volunteering to be a channel moderator/control room operator

What is Zello?

With the announcement of the new iMessage voice messaging feature in iOS8, you may ask yourself, “why should I use Zello now that I can send voice messages from my iPhone? You may also wonder how Zello is different from all those other voice messaging apps out there, such as Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber, etc. Simply put, Zello is a true push-to-talk (PTT) walkie-talkie app, while other apps use recorded messages.

Read on to learn why this matters and other reasons for using Zello for voice communications instead of iMessage or other apps with voice messaging:

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